Magical Packing Hack

Packing to go anywhere from Grandma’s to the park with small children is never easy. Packing to go away for a week is a whole different task. As Travel Planners who specialize in Disney destinations, we are often asked the best way to tackle packing for multiple people to include several wardrobe changes and often themed outfits. We promise after you pack using the Pixie Dust Vacation Planners technique, you’ll never travel another way!

We like to pack day-by-day in labeled bags. Simply take plastic storage bags and label them either by day, theme park or name. Inside each bag include everything that goes with the outfit: top, bottom, socks, underwear, accessories and EARS!

No more digging around in your suitcase or hotel drawers. No more trying to find a bottom that matches your Mickey tee. The best part is, your kids can grab their bag for the day and be ready to hit Main Street for Rope Drop!

Let us take care of your planning and all you’ll have to do is pack (in bags)!

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Happy Planning!

Amanda & ToniAnne